God is not an angry despot sitting on a throne demanding our praise. He is an open presence of fullness that fills all things with Love and Compassion. For those who see God as the presence of salvation, there is unwavering trust, unfailing strength, and a complete absence of fear and want. In our prayers, we sing the praise we feel to God; we seek His eternal presence. When I share my trust and love with others, we both feel complete without loneliness. The community we build brings a better, more patient life.

It does not matter where we live; we can live a solitary live on a mountain or in a desert, or we can live in a crowded city. When we share God’s Love, we are awake to the true holiness of all of His creation.

In this troubled world, we are in position of accepting the immigrants escaping oppression and tyranny. I welcome these brothers and sisters as children of God, as I am. I see their fear; I see their uncertainty. I help them as I can; I assure them they are welcome for this is God’s will. I offer them a place of safety and comfort. Together, we celebrate God’s compassion and love.

I live a finite mortal life; sometime in the future, my physical body will cease to exist, but my spiritual soul will continue through eternity. In my future spiritual life, I will meet the spiritual lives of those I assisted while we both walked on earth. Together we will go forth in an eternal life of compassion and love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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