We live in a very upsetting world of today. Those doing violence or condoning violence do not seem to care about people, society, or even humanity. What has gone wrong? These people wand to be outrageous and are supported by like-minded people and even certain media outlets. Suddenly it is all right to molestation; suddenly it is all right to murder. There are no consequences anymore.

It seems that Satan is in control. Temporary rewards are sacrosanct. Pain is pleasure and deception is truth.  I was taught that as I walk through life, the lighted path of God is best, the past that leads to service and aid to others. This gives me a full life; this gives me a strong life. This is the life that God gives me. I learn through my Bible reading that the commandments of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. Giving joy to my heart. I am human and finite and cannot survive in false expectation or in continual anticipation of things to come, even Advent. My spiritual awareness is too strong to rely on these false promises. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are within me; I need no anticipation or expectation. My anxieties wane in the presence of this Trinity. I awaken each morning to a new life God-give awareness.

 © Russell Kendall Carter


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