Seek One Thing – Will of God for the World

My relationship with God is based on my desire to be on an eternal relationship with Him. God is the one entity that can fulfill my deepest longing, which is a life of true love for all humanity and all of creation. God is always in my life restoring what our cruel anti-God society tries to influence in me. I return to one basic theme; my prayers do not ask for anything; my prayers are open to listen to the words of God that lead me on His way lighted path.

My trust in God brings me to my dedication of service for others. With God’s assistance, I am bolder on this quest. Although I sometimes question whether my actions are good, I feel the Holy Spirit within me, guiding me, keeping me on the true path. During this time of Advent, the spiritual rebirth of Jesus within me helps me to project a life of God’s love and of God’s peace that dawns with each new day. God is my fortress; God is everyone’s fortress.

I recall John the Baptizer’s exhortation to all in response to their questions of what shall we do to please God; his response basically was the old axiom do unto others. . . etc.  Whenever the people of Israel strayed from YHWH, they were exiled. But then they were rescued when they returned to the lighted path. As finite creatures we are not perfect, and we cannot truly see God. But we can feel and see His great Love. We can rejoice as being His children. When our world experiences senseless violence, we turn to God we look for the antidote, the serum to reverse the poisonous path of destruction we are on.

Simply, we must seek only one thing, the Love of God, and the path of grace in our lives.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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