Spiritual Emergencies

Western civilization is in a state of emergency. As we see what is occurring around us, this puts us into a state of spiritual uncertainty, spiritual emergency. In the present condition of our country and the world’s society, injustices are growing. People of color are deprived of basic human needs. Our lower classes are considered to be expendable just as the poor were expendable in the beginnings of the industrial societies in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We are returning to a time of those with assets using those without as if they were machines to be discarded after they have served any useful purpose.

There are those who want to quiet any opinion or public outlook that does not agree with their own. We are entering a time that seems to parallel the society in A Clockwork Orange, where the government and thought police abuse everyone except themselves. This is not what God wants from us.

Jesus speaks of the destruction of human society where nations fight against nations; in this case the fight is between the haves and the have-nots. Unless we change our outlook, there will not be a day when we can speak our minds publicly. Before this goes deeper into our culture, we must speak against these neo-thought police until what God wants returns to the norm. God promises that God will never abandon us; He will be with us through all our times of trial. He assures us that we will never be alone as we stand for His word against those who corrupt or misinterpret. God loves us; we must trust His love and His compassion to restore His kingdom to all people, not just the rich, the haves.

Now, a simple prayer: Gracious Father, we face uncertain times as we try to walk the path shown to us by Jesus. Be with us; give us the strength to persevere; allow us to overcome the hate speech that is tearing our society apart. We place our future, our destiny, in Your Hands. Allow us not to fear what other hardships others may threaten us. Your presence is our strength.

 © Russell Kendall Carter


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