Work for Love and Good

Our work for spreading love is not over; in fact, it has just begun. We are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers; therefore, we are all one family. We may have our disagreements; we may all have different directions in which we go. Living in love is God’s will for all of our lives, not just a select few. Relating to people with the spirit of love in our hearts is the living heartbeat of our lives, the very warmth of our spirits.

We love each other; we are devoted to each other, with honor for all and live with goodness in our lives, The peace, the love of God. Our love is sincere and opens our hearts just a little wider spread God’s goodness with each person we recognize as a person of love. We walk in the light of Christ’s path; we give thanks and praise for interpersonal meeting, for this is the will of God.

When we love, we welcome all of our and brothers and sisters. As Jesus did many times, we bring them to our table and feed them both with food and with love. Our love is sincere; our love is good. At this table we give thanks for the presence of God and for the presence of our friend. We find the evidence of God when we practice love toward our neighbor, our new friend, our new brother. We both open our hearts to God’s Love and Truth. We are His children. Our work for love and good is never over; it renews its need every morning we rise in God’s true light.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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