Quiet Times in our Quiet Space  

God knows our human thoughts; we cannot be ignorant of this truth. When we enter our quiet place to pray, the Holy Spirit wits with us and reveals God’s role for us in life. When you pray, take a moment to thank God for all the saints who paved our way. God loves you; and His word will never fail you.

In your quiet space, listen with your heart; listen with your soul. The word of God spreads through you and flourishes all with whom you come in contact. God gifts us with the freedom to choose; He wants us to choose goodness and love, for when we do, we have a strong shield protecting us from harm. Our relationship with God is a pure gift, and we feel this gift come alive in our quiet space. Every gift from God is flawless.

A simple prayer: gracious God, allow me to extend what I feel in my quietude; allow me to share Your Grace with all. Allow me to extend the love You so freely give with every stranger I meet today.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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