Will I Hurt Again?

Our mortal lives are filled with disappointments and traumas. There is no question that we will feel pain be it physical, mental, or psychological. The loss of a loved one is especially traumatic. These are unavoidable painful times in our lives, feeling that our world is coming to an end. We turn to God, Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, depending on our faith. We are comforted by the presence of these holy and spiritual entities that remain with us always, especially in these traumatic hours. We give that’s to God for the goodness and love given unconditionally.

There are other pains that we can avoid. When we anger at others or hold a grudge against them for something they did or did not do to us. When we hold on to this type of unloving thought, we suffer with a different kind of pain that many times will not leave us for a long time. We keep score; we suffer we hurt. These are times when we must turn to God. The presence of the Holy Spirit in our beings is there, but we ignore this. We suffer! This is when we must turn to God, accept His Grace, and forgive. We thank God for the work He does in us and in all people.

 © Russell Kendall Carter

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