Life’s Direction

When we begin a new direction or restart an old purpose in our lives, we are not led by anything external to us. We are led by something within us. Some call this the Holy Spirit; some call it the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever it is, it comes from God. We should not and cannot reject or refuse this.

For years I did not listen to this inner voice; it was only when near tragedy happened that I changed direction and became a teacher. It is God that did the work within me which brought me and those I touched with good will and prayerfully good knowledge. As I followed this road that God placed me on, compassion and patience the unique characteristics of true spirituality grew within me.

I have learned to pray in the direction I want my life to go, the direction God wants my life to go. My compassion and patience grow within me and through prayer, I acknowledge all gifts of God that I share with others. I strengthen this daily by spending time alone in my mind and heart with only the presence of God as my companion.

 © Russell Kendall Carter


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