After the Beatitudes, Jesus goes on to speak about breaking these least commandments. We are asked and invited by Jesus to do and teach them. When we do as asked, we lift our voices to God and receive his compassionate attention in our contemplations. Personally, I feel all the negativity we are subjected to each day by our society. also, with our teaching we tend to reduce the presence of mistrust, fear and, negativity surrounding us.

The love that we create secures our relationship with God and rebuilds our inner strength to spread this love between ourselves and one another. Jesus came into this world to wage a campaign against all evil and our goal should be to continue the work of our Christ. through our prayers and meditation, we stand at the doors of heaven knocking and if anyone hears our voices the possibility of a spiritual awakening for our nation and all nations opens our ears to hear the word of God allowing peace and understanding throughout the world.

Jesus asked us to open our own doors to allow the strangers to enter; together when we kneel in the presence of God, we ask for repentance for all the damage we do to ourselves, to others, and to the earth itself. God wants us to act in gracious courtesy and compassion to all of humanity, to all of the animals, and the vegetation and forests that God created for our benefit.

In my contemplations each day I pray that this be so.



 © Russell Kendall Carter




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