Think positively! Boundaries are not just limits; they can be loving contacts. We sometimes look beyond these boundaries and say the grass on that side is greener than on this side, completely overlooking the boundary. I try to avoid copying the cultural ideals and opinions that separate us, by renewing my mind to the loving fact that I have no boundaries, at least not the kind that society tries to place on me.

I read somewhere that our culture makes it easy to cultivate mediocrity because it costs us nothing. However, when I look for something greater than mediocrity and strive for excellence, my sacrifice is rewarding to me and to others who may want to limit me. Some want to harm me because they see me as a threat to their pride, when all I want is to include them in the happiness we all deserve.

I love the Bible passage, “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Think about this: if we accept that those who try to limit us (by creating boundaries) become our friends, then those boundaries fall; and it becomes unnecessary to ask whether someone we meet for the first time is an important person, because we are all important persons. Look to a boundary as a loving contact.

© Russell K. Carter

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