Love Forevermore

Sometimes, I think that we humans are cowards. We fear recognizing the neighbor that doesn’t look or talk like us. We see them as the other, different. Furthermore, we all believe that the other does not deserve the same as us . . . because, we are better!

When we refuse to love them as we love ourselves, the light that shines through us that comes from God dims. We cannot let this pure light die. Long before our parents brought us into this world, love that comes from the invisible world of God is lovingly wrapped around us. This love comes from the depths of our pilgrims’ hearts and is with us always if we accept it.

When we love all people as ourselves, like the buds on an apple tree, the fruit of that love grows within and without. Our hearts grow so that the love from that invisible world becomes visible to all. When we love forevermore, we love as deeply as possible for as long as life allows.

© Russell K. Carter

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