Agape Love

Agape love, the determination that no matter who a person is, no matter the relationship we have, no matter how they grieve us, we will seek God in their faces. It is the universal love of mankind. This is a resolve of the will that shines through our hearts. It is the love God has for all of us, love no matter who or what we are. The floods of the Earth cannot drown this love. The fires in our forests cannot burn this love from us.

Our eyes and ears are opened to the needs of these whom we do not know or are not close to us. This love is sincere; through the grace of God, it can be active in our societies. It creates the community that God wants for us. When we recognize and adopt agape love, violence comes no more. The light of God shines through us and engulfs our existence. Let us open our eyes, unclog our ears, and let our hearts shine manifestly.

© Russell K. Carter

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