Being Meek

Let’s stop and concentrate on what Jesus meant when he said that the meek shall inherit the earth. Do we understand what meekness truly is? We are asked, or actually encouraged, to grow together and unify as a single body of humanity, not individual sects, or nationalities. Yes, we have differences which are minor compared to what we share genetically. Over thousands of years of human existence, there was no such thing as private ownership; all shared equally to keep tribes together and healthy. Only in the last few hundred years have we adopted private ownership of land, now called capital, and created the systemic growth of economic bondage.

Our selfish pride is potentially destroying humanity, at least the humanity that God created, where all share His bounty equally. God plays no favorites, only mankind does. When Jesus taught that the meek shall inherit the earth, he was speaking to those who are closest to God’s original plan, a plan of sharing, a support system where all share God’s blessings equally.

© Russell K. Carter

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