Lost Hopes

When people feel lonely and unsure of themselves, it is often because they have lost hope in what they are doing and what they expect from life.  We cannot forget that God fully understands hoe doubtful we can be. God keeps track of what our hopes are; He never forgets. We do have to remember that we do not live in the same time frame of God. He may not respond when we expect, but our honest hopes are realized.

When we share our thoughts and faith with those around us, we create loving relations that enable the human experience to realize any lost hopes. We open our hearts to God and others creating a world of love and hope devoid of boundaries. We share the will of God together and with His grace we face the boundaries of earthly life. Our hopes are never truly lost. The Holy Spirit leads us to a life that serves God and serves those around us. God keeps track of our lost hopes and opens new doors for us.

 © Russell Kendall Carter



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