Wisdom Begins with Asking

When we were children, we asked our mothers and fathers for help with many things. As we aged, we felt we could do it all ourselves. If I had one wish it would be that the fairy-tale godmother that brought us all good things as babes would have granted us permanent wonder in all things. This would force us to keep asking questions. We do not know everything.

When I taught, I used to say that I know very little about history or about literature; together, we as teacher and students would learn a great deal. Accepting our vulnerability and asking for assistance makes us stronger, building trusts and relationships.

I do this by contemplation and writing. I embrace the world by listening to others’ stories, writing them down (because often I forget), and seeing God in the faces of all whom I meet. By embracing all whom I meet, the relationships I build are very strong and lasting. I ask each of the people I meet questions that show concern and caring.

My prayers always assumes that all of our thoughts and feelings are important. My prayers also include asking for God’s help directly and through those whom I meet. My wisdom grows each time I ask.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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