Full Lives with Music

Our lives can be filled with drudgery if we just plod along without the joy of music in our lives. Those in society will tell us that we must chase after the brass ring to attain everything we desire in life. But the spiritual leaders of most religions remind us that God already knows what we need as is willing to give it to us. I trust in the vision that God has given to me, and I try to shine the light of His love into the darkness of others’ lives.

We sing in church; we sing in our schools. Some people sing just spiritual and religious hymns. Our young sing along with rock and rap. When young, I sang along with all the famous folk artists. God loves our music. Let’s play our music for the pleasure of God; let us join his marching band and play our instruments and sing our songs with honesty, love, and particularly with gusto!

© Russell Kendall Carter

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