Let Love be Genuine!

Let Love be Genuine!

I find that every day after I meditate, I desire to write. I take a phrase or two from the Bible; I take a word or a thought from a prayer or another meditation that I may read and then I turned to writing. I write simply because in my own mind I have a difficult time understanding how decrepit and sinful the American Society has become, even though it is supposedly based on Christian values.

Jesus said that the greatest commandment is that we should love God with all our hearts and with all our minds and with our whole body; and then He said the second of these is the same as the first: to love our neighbor as ourself. Love our neighbor as ourself!

If we were to love our neighbors as ourselves, understanding that both of us are children of God, we are equal, regardless of what color we are, what religion we practice, how good or not so good we are. We are all God’s children; so, for us to say that someone is not as good as I am because I am white, because I am male, because I am straight, makes no sense at all.

What we must remember is that if we truly love in our heart all with whom we come in contact, there can be no room for hate, and if there can be no room for hate, love creates a logical order so that all in God’s realm will succeed. Physically we may different; some of us are athletes, some have greater intellect, some are maimed by society, both psychologically and physically, so in that respect, in the purely human respect, we are not equal as far as our abilities are concerned; but we are equal with God and according to our constitutional law.

Never despise, condemn, or never speak with anger of anyone, and God will give us peace. Let us use the invitation of love to restore a genuine Godly society.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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