Light and Life

We are born from the womb to a bright world of wonder. We are guided by God’s representative, our mother, into a world of promise. Yet the pressures of man’s society force us to make decisions that lead us further away from our prenatal promises of light and life, causing us not to believe in God, or at least not to trust in God.

We are taught to make our own decisions that more often than not causes others to be left behind, when in fact, by biblical rule and Jesus teaching us, we should do the opposite. Unlike an animal that knows its master, we do not know God, and if we did, we would probably ignore him. Few of us follow scripture.

When we are called to make the right decision, or rather, when we make the right decision, according to God’s wishes, we rise from spiritual darkness to the new light of rebirth, greeted by a wonder world. I also know that when we die, we experience the same awe and wonder entering God’s world that we experienced when we entered this, the difference being everything!

When God breathes life into us, the Holy Spirit enters; we are born of water and the Spirit. We feel it in our very core, the thinking heart given by God, that this spirit-enhanced life is to be shared. God invites us to share this goodness (Godness) with all.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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