We are naturally transformed as we age in spirit; I believe that this is a natural occurrence, otherwise we could never cope with the world around us. If we practice stillness in our hearts when we meditate or pray, we grow spiritually along with our growth as humans. The obvious outcome is sharing our life with those around us. We cannot be hesitant about this. We must be one with all.

Stillness is the key here; without this stillness we can never attune our soul, our spirit, to leave our self-created cocoons. I agree that with this comes a general awakening to God’s reality and ever presence in our lives. We must practice meekness in our relations with all, allowing God to do His work.

I know that my greatest gift for my fellow man is to show up and be present in his or her life. I must leave my ego behind; leave my preconceived ideas of what should be and prevent any material jealousies to taint this process. I must be still within the present. Together in the moment of stillness, we ground ourselves in the Word of God, ground in His Love. God’s Love is the bread of life.

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