Rocks of God

      I am a rock; God made me this way. You also are a rock; God made you this way. Some may say that I am the king of my own self and castle, but that is wrong information and a wrong opinion. Through the wisdom given me by God, my spiritual intellect is enhance by the teachings of Sophia; and through Her I gain both temperance and prudence in all of my thinking, my writing, and my interactions with humanity and all of God’s creatures. As Jesus says in Matthew, we must let our light shine within and around us. This brings God into all of our lives and shows His goodness and glory to all humanity.
     I always ask myself whether we, as normal humans, can emulate and follow Jesus as his original disciples did. We have some of the power of Jesus to heal others. Of course, we do not do the healing, just as Jesus did not heal. Jesus brought the love and power of God down to earth; it was God who healed through Jesus. I wonder if it is possible for us to have the strong enough faith and commitment to God that Jesus shows us in his three years of teaching. Do we have enough righteousness of God’s word to bring His power of healing to others?
      I think we do! This is not an egotistical statement. This is asking for a solution to the needs of others in our conflicted world where everyone seems to disagree and even hate others. It is the love of Jesus that brought God into our lives, and I believe it is the love of Jesus that will get us out of our divisions. If we look for the face of God in all whom we meet, perhaps we can join in brotherly love to solve the problems and divisions we experience.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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