Sophia’s Wisdom

      Wisdom brings us from the darkness of despair and the fear of death. Wisdom takes us from the why the world is so stressed to what is causing the stress. Perhaps it is the internet world with instant misinformation that brings early demise. Wisdom overcomes Facebook. The wisdom of Sophia allows us to survive in this world of over information and a constant barrage of depressing news.
      All wisdom and discipline are from God, not from the news, not from our political leaders, not from the talking heads who always declare the truth. When we listen to this false prophets I am reminded of the wisdom of Solomon, “. . . (we) live in the constant warfare of ignorance and call this monstrous evil peace.” Peace does not come from mankind. We don’t know what true peace is.
      This evil overcomes us when we deny the authority and grace of God. It forces us to focus on that which is false testament over the Word that came to live with us throughout eternity . . . if we only listen. Proverbs tells us: “Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life.” Let us think about this in our daily meditation. I don’t believe that our days as mortals will necessarily increase, but the days we have are much richer and when we are born into the new world of God’s eternity, we will be better prepared for the glory and wonder, just as when we were born into this world, learning the glory and wonder that God invited us to.
      My goal in the time I remain mortal is to get closer to the true wisdom offered by Sophia, so that when I enter God’s glorious domain, I am not the uninformed man I am in this world.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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