Lonely People

      I think of all my friends whom I haven’t seen in such a long time, and I think of those I am able to see through Facetime and Zoom. The one word I constantly hear is loneliness. This is such a tragedy for all my friends separated from children, grandchildren, and close friends. The sorrow in their voices is heartrending. 
      With little imagination, I can see people all around our tiny planet feeling the same desolation, sorrow, and in some cases terror. There is real terror in their voices; will I die alone, never to see my family and friends again. I know that we are probably nearing the end of our isolation with the introduction of the vaccines that will protect us from serious illness, but this feeling of isolation will be with many of our brothers and sisters for months even years to come. Many are unable to make up for the lost time, psychologically and emotionally, with our families.
      This is when I turn to God. I am fortunate enough to be able to visit my family. Saying this my true power has come from God. I know that I am in God and God is within me. This is most comforting. I know that my existence is in fact living in God’s heaven, and when living in heaven, I am not alone. I only pray that others will realize this. God keeps my memories alive and retells my story to others, as he does with all His children, all humanity. Our most comforting move is to take God’s presence into hour hearts and minds, remembering the story of God’s love for humanity as we learn in the Bible. Good looks at his creation, man, and adores us. Loves us as we are unable to love, until we fully immerse ourselves in His love, then we can truly adore others.
     Our interrelationship with the rest of humanity is the very lifeblood that God offers us. Through God, we are connected to all of humanity; we are loved by all of humanity; and we love all humanity. The second greatest commandment is this: Love your neighbor as you love yourself, and you will never be alone, never be abandoned. 

© Russell Kendall Carter

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