The variety of cats are unimaginable. I think of the grandeur of the magnificent lion with a mane so glorious. The beauty of the coats of the spotted leopard, the stripes of the Bengal tiger, the shining ebony coat of the panther, and the purity of the snow leopard. All are glorious in their own right and in their own habitat.

I have three versions of these in my abode, just as wild at heart, but seemingly comfortable in my habitat. Cats are truly gifts to enjoy, but only on their terms. They are like potato chips; you cannot have only one. At times, the three that live within my walls are truly Jellicoe cats; except for feeding times, they hide in their hidden corners only to emerge at night to prowl the house.

The queen of our pride is Lucy, our bringing of light to the house. She is our snuggler, again on her terms. She is our oldest and boxes with talon-less forepaws with the alpha male. Lucy is a Russian Blue with a cat so soft that the pillow manufacturers are jealous. Too old to jump, Lucy sits at our feet begging to be lifted to a lap. If you don’t pet or scratch in the right way, she lets us know with a friendly nip. Lucy is a gift from our son.

The little princess is Noelle, our mackerel tabby cat and like her name a true gift of Christmas. Lies next to my dinner plate, begging for an ear scratch or a long scratch down her back. But don’t lift her up. She will not be held. She almost smiles when next to me, but sheer panic shows when I pick her up. She is our symbol of daintiness, with a peep more than a meow. Her coat represents prettiness beyond compare. Lucy is a gift from our daughter.

The wannabee ruler of the pride is Sebastian our venerable hunter, wanting to rule the pride, but spars with Lucy, sometimes hourly. He is our black panther cat sitting by the window, chirping at the birds in our feeders outside his private window, will come for a periodic ear scratch but fights a snuggle or lift. Will race around the house talking with himself and sometimes crying out like a lost cat in an alley. Sebastian is another gift from our daughter.

According to ancient Egyptian culture, cats are godlike. There are so many instances and Egyptian gods associated or symbolized by cats that their importance cannot be overstated. Many ancient cultures revered cats as protectors of both man and gods. Which means, cats, like chips, you need more than one. Our three, independent, singular in nature, all independent, all singing in different voices. Cats, all gifts not from children, but from God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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