Jesus Wept

 And still does; the poor are still with us; the infirm are still ailing; and we live under non-caring rulers - both political and religious. Many leaders on the local level are very caring and attentive toward those who suffer, but those populating the upper ranks of leadership are more concerned about their images and their jobs that they forget about the people.
 Jesus wept when hearing of the death of Lazarus; we weep because in the United States, there are almost 500,000 people who have died unnecessarily. Jesus lifted Lazarus from death to life; we cannot do the same with the many who have died from this pandemic, who die from poverty and starvation, who die from exposure, living homelessly cuddled in thin rags beneath the bridges of our cities.
 Jesus weeps for all those who die without the love and comfort afforded the by well-to-do. As with his disciples, Jesus invites and challenges us to turn our backs on greed and envy and lift our brothers and sisters from their society-induced oppression. Perhaps during this 2021 Lent, we should begin listening to Jesus and listening to the voices crying in the wilderness and do God’s will.
 © Russell Kendall Carter 

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