Hope in Lent

 We live in a very convoluted and troubling world. Each day we awaken to a new threat to our existence causing us to separate our everyday lives from our spiritual lives. Furthermore, this separation is worldwide. The last time this separation rose to the same degree was in the 1930s during the Great Depression, and we all know what followed that tragedy, a greater worldwide tragedy costing millions of lives and lives tragically living confinement forced by intolerant governments.
 During this Lenten season, I will spiritually enter a desert to rid my mind of all troubles in my world and in the world at large; I will allow my self to be challenged by those elements in my circle of interests and to deny the importance of them in my life. Also, what I mean by my life is my true life as a creation of God. in God’s world this is no duality. There is no separation between what is and what it should be. I am one within God’s creation.
 I want to grow in my relationship with God; we are created to grow, to evolve during our life. We need to grow; we need to change. If we don’t, we cease living; our lives disappear for others to grow. During this 2021 time of Lent, I am delighted to walk with God in my personal spiritual desert, where I will grow in comfort with God’s holy presence and grow in spirituality which I can then share with others as they also grow in their personal deserts.
 Those who walk in this self-imposed spiritual deserts this Lenten period can truly appreciate the beauty gained by the experience. It is enjoyable, but it is also a promise and gift of love, the love promised by Jesus. God is that which was, that which is, and that which will come to us.
 I am a simple blog writer; but my meditations on life are gifts of love given to me by He whom we all should follow.
 © Russell Kendall Carter 

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