The Beauty of the Divine

When I think of the Divine, my attention immediately turns to God. God is the ultimate divine; God is Life, Love, and Truth. God is Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence. God is Transcendence, celestial, and mystical. God . . . the Sacred.  

I live in a world of strife and anger, but my life is neither led nor affected by these outer forces. My life is a spiritual existence that brings me closer to the Holy Spirit that dwells within me. When I sit and meditate on my life, I feel all of the attributes that make up God.

The beauty of the divine is all around me and it is all within me. I look at the birds voraciously attacking the feeders in our yard. I look at the squirrels and groundhogs foraging what the birds drop to the earth. All are fed by the feeders, but all are fed by the divine. As I look at the snow on the ground, I remember how much I enjoyed romping in the snow as a young boy.

Although I am not as giddy with the snow, I recognize it as part of the climate of the Earth that God created. I don’t know why God created snow, except maybe to allow young children to play eagerly. When I was a freshman in college, there was a young man from an African nation. The first time he saw snow, he ran out of the dorm, wrenched his face to the sky and cried. He was overwhelmed by the feeling of snow falling on his face. What a beautiful image of God’s divine world.

So, I sit here as an old man, writing in my blog, praying that some of the words that God puts in my mouth mean something and bring the beauty of the divine into reality for all.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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