The Sacred Feminine

 There are many names and ideas of the sacred feminine; I, however, prefer the image of Sophia, the giver of wisdom. This is the epitome of the divine feminine. Our first experience with woman is our mother, before our birth. She is the giver of life; all that we have is from her. She nurtures us, teachers us; from her we gain intuition and empathy, two vital aspects of our ability to live in society. She is the ancient voice of creation, bringing us the wisdom of centuries of knowledge, intuitively.
 The Sacred Feminine provides a natural access to all of our spiritual qualities. She is the lifeforce of humanity, rooted in earthiness, but elevated in spirituality. As a white male, I cannot perceive the greatness of the sacred feminine; I can only bask in the warmth that I feel when bringer her into my thoughts.
 I think of the woman at Jacob’s well. Why is she portrayed as a sinner when she has been subjugated to nothingness by those around her. Jesus saw her as strength; can we do any less? Jesus forgave her and told her to go and sin no more. She leaves our sight after she calls her neighbors to come see the Lord. But I sometimes wonder what happened to her. I can only dream that she remained in her outer stage of subjugation, but inside her, the strength of God brought her to eternal life. Her innate natural qualities of patience, receptivity, and care blessed all who came into her life after her time at the well.
 By our experiences of the two women who found the empty tomb of Jesus, we awaken to from the repressions of a patriarchal society to the interconnectedness of all life, male and female, human and animal. This only comes through the love of Mary and Mary, one a mother, one a devoted disciple of Jesus. We feel their energy and they report of their experience to others. These two symbols of the Sacred Feminine bring us the spiritual force of eternal family connectivity. All are disciple of Christ, as we live our lives, sharing the wisdom of the two Marys and spread the word of God’s love to all.
 © Russell Kendall Carter 

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