We are mortal human beings; we are not perfect, even though we are made in God’s image. If I think if a mirror image, the flaw is that both left and right are reversed. What is reversed in our composure that is flawed? 
 We anger at things large and small, but in reality, all are small when we are in God’s image. God asks us to master our anger so that we will not allow it to commandeer our good intentions. When I recall stories from the Bible, I am reminded of the treachery involved between the brothers Jacob and Esau. Even though it took many years, when the bothers met again, there was love, not anger exchanged.
 If Esau does not hold anger toward Jacob, how can we hold anger against our neighbor? We cannot say we love if we hold anger toward another. By shedding anger and raising love, we add to the greater good of society and God blesses the world and humanity. Jesus told us to let our light shine on our good works, glorifying God. God watches us from inside us, in our heart, in our soul. 
 Let us love indeed for love revives a hurting world.
 © Russell Kendall Carter 

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