Being Blind 
 We turn our heads to not see;
 we are blind to those in need;
 we are blind to compassion;
 we leave them in the dark.
 We must recognize the pain,
 as Jesus did among us; 
 He was moved by compassion;
 Compassion that we lack;
 He witnessed the hurt, 
 the deprivation,
 and wept.
 Jesus came to world, 
 to be the source of light,
 the source of compassion and goodness.
 Jesus entered to light a darkened world,
 Something happened to society!
 We looked within and found ego; 
 It is time to reach those in need,
 the poor, the migrant,
 the homeless, the addict
 The widow, the orphan.
 We must serve the disempowered, 
 open our eyes, cure our blindness, 
 as did Jesus.
 © Russell Kendall Carter 

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