Direction and Discernment

Truth will come with the Holy Spirit and will guide me onto the path of righteousness. What will I do today for life is very complicated. Following Jesus, I know that I must keep my life simple, love God, love others and myself. In my meditation I search for the One who brings Truth. I search for the spiritual truth and when finding it, I know that my direction will be beneficial to all.

I recognize the differences in all of my brothers and sisters, but I know that they also are created in God’s image and offer me the chance to see the true source of Revelation. In the midst of the hard times in our society, I avoid the temptations that keep us separated from each other; I recognize God’s goodness and love in all whom I meet. I do not withhold the love I feel toward each of the different people I meet. When doing this, I gain a lifelong friend.

The goodness of all people shines within me; I am truly blessed. I may not fully understand all of the teachings of Jesus, but I know that by divining the true direction God wants me to follow through the blessings of Jesus, I am on the correct direction for my life. May the love of God and the Wisdom of Jesus shine in me for me to share with others.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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