Becoming Unveiled to Trepidation

By the end of each day, I feel that I am a lost sheep from the turmoil of our tumultuous days. It is like I have been set adrift on a sea of danger. I meditate to rediscover the anchor that secures me to God’s goodness. I long for quietude; letting go of my false assumptions, I turn to God and accept His guidance. I again find the exhilarating brightness of God’s Light and Truth, accepting the mystery of my relationship with my Lord.

God looks into my heart and the veil of doubts is removed by His Love. I retire to my bed comforted by this revelation that is open to me in His light. My nightly rest is free from dreams of misfortune and apprehension. When I awaken to the new day, I am refreshed and solidly on the path that Jesus walked, loving my known and unknow friends. I praise the Lord for His Love and Comfort.

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