Become a Messenger

God spoke to the Israelites through messengers, called prophets. It did not matter what the Israelites did, God sent them blessings and sometimes punishments. Looking back at that time, I sometimes feel that God was harsh towards his chosen people, but most of the time, I also yearn for that type of simplicity and dependence on God in our present society.

We also learn in John, that the Word was made flesh, and through Jesus, we are blessed to experience the full Grace and Truth that God offers us. Jesus remains a partner in our lives if we only remain quiet enough to hear His loving words. He is the Word.

I am blessed to have the time each day to scrub the current problematic thoughts from my head to have an open conversation with our Lord. During my daily faith readings and meditation, I can eliminate the distractions in my life and turn to God for his presence each morning. This allows me to avoid those overwhelming thoughts and feelings that permeate our moral lives.

Presently, I know that as a single human, I am weak, but with the faith of others around me, I am blessed with their presence and the added benefit of God within us all. Gracious God, I pray that Your light continues to brighten my life and allow me to continue to share this light with all whom I meet. Allow me to be Your messenger.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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