What’s in a Name

Jesus in Name

Whether we refer to our Lord as Jesus or Yeshua, the meanings are identical; Yeshua delivers and Jesus rescues, this according to Hebrew meanings. I prefer Yeshua, only because I think it brings me closer to what the early first and second century Christians prayed whether in cities or in exile in the deserts of Israel or Egypt.

We rejoice that God directed Mary to name her child what she did. It is a pronounceable and understandable name for God. Either name is easy to say and remember. When our lips form His name, we are taken to a place that is filled with wonder and salvation. This name glorifies us in God’s Love.

When we bring Yeshua into our hearts, we dwell in the glorious realm of Jesus’s home, a simple dwelling, lacking in any ornate trimmings. Although the room is bland, there are no walls; we enter and are amazed at the beauty of God’s creation within. We also notice that there are so many people that we cannot count them, nor can we miss that there is a variety of skin tones, and couples vary according to gender. It is an open and welcome place.

There is no darkness in this room; there is no strife in this room. When we enter this room, we are no longer in the desert of despair and want. We know we are welcome because everyone is happy and secure in their stations. We are led to this divine room by the eternal Love of Yeshua and His Father. We say His name in prayer and are transformed.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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