Prayer and Fasting

We make so many plans for our future that we sometimes forget that this fine-tuning often goes to naught. We forget to take our plans to the One who matters. We forget that God is always at hand and His message comes through our hearts before it surfaces in our mortal thoughts. This is the way He seems to hide from us always.

In our darkness when thinking of the future, God is there to pave the way. We are now contending with a vicious virus that dims the future for us and all humanity, but we are freshened when we feel God’s hands caressing our hearts, assuring us that all will be well. For most of us, we need the darkness to find the light of God.

Remember back when we were mere children; we did not have a care in the world. Our days were filled with small thoughts, a few chores, and lots of fun with other kids in the neighborhood. Our minds were at ease, because we had no thoughts of the future. I sometimes think that this is the way God wants us to be, even in our adult years. I recall the words of Jesus, “anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Does this have any meaning for us today? It should! Jesus asks us to put aside our daily mortal worries and live in the present. To achieve any degree of ease, we must think as a child. The universe is at our hands. The universe is eternal, therefore, we must live in the eternal, we must live and think in eternity, for eternity is the only real existence.

My challenge is to bring the eternity of God’s presence into my daily life to live and prosper in the only way it matters. My enemy is hunger, hunger for assurance that what I am matters, what I am is beneficial to others and not just a selfish existence. I am thirsty for God’s assurance, but if I think in terms of eternity, my enemy is small; it is God’s eternity that matters. I pray and fast each day for God’s comfort.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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