Trust in God

A Prayer for a New Year

God meets all my needs, bringing the richness of Jesus’s Glory to my doorstep. As God became the Father to Israel, like Israel, I am His son. He speaks to me through His daughter, Truth, and She gives me my holy reward. I trust my sole provider. My faith grows as the proverbial mustard seed. Therefore, God gives me Hope when hope is hiding.

When my life is empty, my soul calls out for God’s intent and purpose. I open my heart for the awareness of His bountiful provisions. I grow wrapped in the comfort and promise of His Love. He blesses me with Christ’s presence in my life. As Jesus forgives those who hung Him on that tree, I forgive those who harm me. In this, I obtain the inheritance of His word.

His manifestation brings all things His creation. There is remarkable Hope in my realization that all is not lost according to Christ. He brings all to me with His transforming Love. I feel deep internal change when I practice silence and stillness in my life. When I walk in Christ’s holy light, my awareness of the plight of those long forgotten by society scorches my very soul, knowing that I am a part of a society that denies the pluralism of God’s world.

I am refreshed, knowing that nothing is lost in God’s eyes, and all I must do is work to lift those oppressed by selfish egotism. God gives me Hope that what I do, and other champions of God’s word will help to help our brothers and sisters, who are also worthy of the best of God’s creation, rise from the oppression of the cruel despot, greed.

Abba, give me the strength to spread your light to the world.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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