Living in Simplicity

What is God saying to me today? Am I growing in prayer for all humanity?

Where can I improve my relationships with others, with Jesus, with God?

These are questions I ask myself every day. My goal is to rename myself; The Lord is Here. I open my Bible, read whatever chapter falls open; this is always random. I then turn to my Bible in a Year App and Read the selections for the day. Then I look to the other inspirational sites I read each morning. I take my pen and my daily diary and jot notes from each of these.

Then I put all aside and begin my morning meditation which includes a prayer of thanksgiving for my life and those dear to me. I invite God into my heart and meditate on my relationship with God and God’s relationship with me. At times, worldly issues delay my immersion. All the while, I am deep in conversation with God, our eternal Abba.

Eventually, I know that you and I are marvelously made and fully known to God. I pray for assistance to practice this all day long. I keep it simple – I try to see the face of God in all whom I meet. My desire is to assure that my relations with all are wrapped in one simple word – Love. Love comes from God into my heart. It’s that easy. 

When this is complete, I open my word document and write in my blog. Something simple, such as this, will appear the next day. I also write a short poem on my topic for the morning:

Take your favorite pen;

find a blank page in your diary.

Hear the knock; open the door;

let God enter your heart,

and the marvelous city

of simplicity will enter.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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