Common Sense

Common Sense

We live in troubled times. Only we can change the direction of society. There is an old song “Our Day Will Come” that promises a better future; well, our time has come; we must rethink everything we have ever learned and bring God into the center of our lives and actions so that our true selves are active and evident to all.

We are called to love our neighbors, welcome the outsider, allow him or her to be a part of the humanity that God created. When we do this, we have no enemies; those we disagree with are just family members with whom we disagree. We love them because they are family and wish them all of the love and blessings freely given to us by God and Grace.

In Romans, we learn that by calling to Abba, Father, we become part of the universal family of God. We are all brothers and sisters. Therefor, our conversations must be deep in our acceptance of reconciliation with each other and recognize that we are no more entitled than our neighbors, and with God’s Love, we can be content with the gifts graciously given by God.

I find that when I recognize that the angels that surround me are messengers from God lively in my prayers, inviting me to be the answer to the crises we face. With God’s help and our striving together, we can and will change society back to a cooperating and loving community, blessed by our Love, our Life, our God.

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