Meditation on Life

Meditations on Life

My life is teeming with failures, which often follow high expectations. Recently entering the hospital for lumbar fusion surgery, I was disappointed when problems with my scar tissue ceased the surgery and almost ended my life. My gratitude toward the surgeon and the skill he received from God tells me that life with God is Good, exceptionally good! I am both grateful and blessed with God’s Love. We all experience similar setbacks in our lives.

However, life is not always as simple as loving one another and loving God. we are condemned by our own invention of time. Time means nothing to God; we think we are in control of time, but really, we are like Vladimir and Estragon waiting impatiently on our street corner bench for God(ot). Perhaps it is not possible in one brief moment in time for us to forget our self-importance, our self-privilege, and replace them with true compassion and rejoice in our combined relationship with God.  I remember, God always forgives and redeems us for our transgressions.

We think we are self-made successes; we think our destinies are made by our own hands, only. But we are not truly in control; we are part of the expansive family of God, enjoying and basking in the gifts received   without realizing that we must give thanks for all we are given by the goodness and grace of God.

As Fr. Richard Rohr says: “I am in God, God is in you, you are God, we are in each other.” We are all one of a great manifestation created by God. As a member of a church-wide Bible reading group, I am always amazed at God’s disappointment with humanity and then God’s complete forgiveness. Through our gift of free will, we self-destruct every time we think we are masters of the universe. Both the old and new testaments demonstrate  God’s forgiveness for our mislaid self-importance.

We have an unfortunate habit of accepting leaders filled with the concept that they can be the sole deciders of progress, be they social, political, and yes, even our religious leaders. We follow these leaders faithfully, even if they do not accept others’ views. We are trained by first our parents, then our teachers, and finally, by social rules to follow these leaders without question. I read our Bible and discover that often these leaders are not following God’s intent.  

I meditate on Jesus, who walked the earth as a humble man, never demanding that people must do what he commanded. He commanded nothing; He offered a new way to live, the lighted way of God. All of our leaders seem to be too engrossed in the material demands and overlook the fact that a more spiritual outlook may be needed.

We all, our leaders and ourselves, must open our hearts and realize that we are all a part of the great family of God and what we have are gifts freely given. We must humble ourselves before others, accepting their presence in our world-wide family, sharing God’s precious gifts.

Blessings to all my brothers and sisters.

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