True Strength


We can never be strong alone; we can never walk alone; we need others. In fact, we can never achieve true happiness unless we have each other. As Paul writes to Philemon: “For we have great joy and consolation in thy love, because the bowels of the saints are refreshed by thee, brother.”  We need each other; we are not solitary animals. This is not God’s wish for us. I do not want to succeed or be stronger because I help you. I want to help you because that is what God asks of me. That is why I became a teacher later in life. That is how I grew from the strength and love of my students. I did not ask for it; it did not just happened; it was God’s plan.

I am filled with the manifestation of the Holy Spirit because the good news of all humanity is a blessing from God. We all have knowledge given by Grace; we merely have to

discern the Truth that is at our fingertips. Only God can cure the wounds of mankind; Only God can lead humanity to Truth and Love; however, our love and treatment for each other by working together can reduce the severity of our self-inflicted wounds.

Every step of life begins in the mysticism of God’s eternal Love for us. We turn to God for the countless good works we do for others, because we are invited by God to share our bounties. We are not alone; and, without each other, we are nothing but solitary figures walking aimless in our own pits of depression and anger. We listen for the whispers of God coming from the deserts of our suffering hearts. His breath brings us to life; His breath invites us to community. His breath calls us to unity. His breath invites us to walk in His light and be strengthened by His eternal Love, Wisdom, and Truth.

When we open our houses and open our hearts to the strangers living next to us, we invite God to our tables. We are enriched by the presence of others at our tables, sharing their life stories and how their life stories link with our own. Sitting at our tables, sharing our lives, enriches us beyond all human knowledge and love. Together we are strong. Together we succeed. Together, we do not fear.

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