God is Love

God is Love

I live in the house of God, as God lives within my soul, my heart. With God in my heart, I am pure love. I am raised from my troubled world, uplifted by Grace. God brings me a song of love from the desert of my mortal life; I hear the beauty of His creation through loving eyes and loving ears. God invites me into His world; He does not require me to follow. That is the simplicity of life with God.

God gave me a free gift, Jesus. And, through Jesus, God gave me free access to His Grace. I merely have to listen, avoiding the cacophony of life and listen for the shouting whispers of His beloved voice. That brings me the effusive fountain of true Wisdom. I seek this gift; I wait; I meditate and pray. I await patiently, for haste causes me to lose my way.

In Micah, I learn to do justice, love blindly, and walk humbly with God. Walk humbly! This is such an easy phrase. This is such an impossible task. I find it a natural thing to do justice and love blindly. I am no better or worse than my neighbor next door or my neighbor on the other side of the world. I offer all people peace, love, and blessings. But to walk humbly is a challenge.

I am now a retired college professor; I began as a street kid in Newark, New Jersey in the 1940s. I worked hard, overcame many struggles, and with the help of God and a loving wife, I finally achieved the goal that God intended all along. Looking back over my 77 years, I take pride in how far I have come. This pride, if allowed, will subdue humility always. Each morning as I meditate on the goodness and lovingness given to me by God through Jesus Christ, I pray to walk humbly for the rest of my days. I thank God for His gifts, and I ask Jesus to help me walk in his sandals. I feel the gift of forgiveness, which cures, redeems, and renews my spirit.

I offer this prayer above with the tenderness with which I am blessed.

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