“mene, mene, tekel, parsin”

“mene, mene, tekel, parsin”

As I study the scriptures, my mind returns to this dire warning. My meditations on the Old Testament are sometimes filled with this possibility; however, when I turn my prayers to the New Testament of promise, my concern lessens, but does not disappear. Our prayers to the God of Love and Compassion are reassured by His eternal concern for all His children. When we are faithful to Him, our faith brings great spiritual profits, spiritual prosperity, and a very serene spiritual health.

We suffer in our material world; but we have to remind ourselves that when we do suffer, God is holding our hands, keeping us close to His Loving Comfort. His love and faithfulness in us endures forever through eternity. This is the hope the Bible speaks of, as we suffer. When we pray, Abba, Father, our hearts open to all the Grace offered. Through our prayers, peace joy, and confidence flows from us, enwrapping all mankind in the beacon of hope, God’s promised Hope of goodwill and everlasting Love.

We are liberated and we liberate others with this outpouring of Love and brotherhood. We are no longer chained to the limitations placed on us by those who do not follow the lighted path of Jesus. They forego this peace and are bonded by their craving for power and material wealth. They refuse to recognize the glory and peace of God’s Truth, suffering under the pressure of keeping hold of their temporary material enrichment.

I pray that we all live with the promise of Hope, living in the light of spiritual assurance of God’s unwavering Love.

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