He Called My Name

Reading Isaiah, I love the verse saying God called me from the womb; He pronounced my name. He spoke to me in my spiritual awareness, blessing me with eternal life. He loosened my tongue and opened my ears and my heart to listen to His voice and the suffering of humanity. As a mere carnal man, I am honored, and I honor God for the wealth of wisdom He has granted me throughout my life.

Jesus opens my heart through His parables, giving me the wisdom that only He can preach. I listen for His words; words that enlighten my every breath of life. He is the one source of Life and Peace that I can always turn to, because His Wisdom comforts me.

Although at times I am a mere unspiritual, mortal man, I know that the person God created, the spiritual me, rejoices in His presence in my life, my body, my soul. At times, I struggle to hear His voice, but when I let the good rise within me, His words shout comfort, Love, and duty to love all as brothers and sisters.

Dear God, you comfort me in ways that only my spiritual being can understand; but through this understanding, you bless my mortal body with Life and Love.

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