Let it Be!

Let it Be:

I study Michelangelo’s painting; the first thing I notice is that the fingers of God and man are not touching, which is fitting, because I am made in His image; I am not God. However, when he offers His spiritual hand, I cannot ignore it; I must grasp His loving caress. I am clothed in His Love.

God challenges me to love, as He loves. He tells me, “Here I am. Love Me.” God is my insight into the new dawn of Love. I gain insight by following His path, the one that lights my way. I walk my faith into eternity, because God paves the way.

I love music. One of my favorite groups of the 1960s and 1970s was the Beatles. I missed the first six months of their being in America, because I was service in the USMC. But in 1970, Paul McCartney introduced a song call “Let it Be.” The first line and the line of the chorus is, “When I find myself in a time of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me.” In the song, the words, “Whisper words of wisdom, Let it be, let it be.”

Mother Mary and Wisdom. What can be clearer in this song of faith. Whisper means there must be silence. In silence, in my quietude, I  am attentive, attentive for God’s word, be it from Mother Mary, or Jesus himself. God’s Wisdom only comes when I am silent. God’s words can only be felt in silence.

Although I am only made in His image, I am part of His creation. I am His creation, so I listen, and I love.

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