Grasping God’s Hand

 I am surrounded by ministering spirits sent by God; these are the angels that visit me while I live in my material world. They keep me in the mindset that Jesus is the perfect example for me as a human to follow. Yet, no matter how I try to walk in His footsteps, I am poor in spirit sometimes, because I have so many physical problems that I sometimes doubt God’s presence in my life. It is at times such as these that I find it difficult to talk with God. I pray, but I neglect to open myself the way I have learned, when bringing my mindful consciousness into God’s presence.

Yet, I do not want to be one of those mentioned in Proverbs that I refuse to grasp God’s hand when He stretches it out to me. I thank God each morning for giving me life, because I know that when I follow the lighted path of Jesus, there is no night; the darkness not a mystery. With God, there is no dark, because He protects me from all evil. As Paul says in Romans, when God is for us, who can be against us. There is nobody who can harm me. Yet, often, I feel so alone, so abandoned. But I also know that is the pain talking.

I know that God builds my complete world and gives me the wisdom to act in it. However, because I am human and only created in His image, I am not materially perfect. I am, however, perfect in my spiritual self because that is what belongs to God; that is my soul, my heart. My mortal shell is just helping me to perfect my very being.

Life tests me; God is present in my life to help me pass the tests. Even when I doubt; even when feel alone, it is a comfort knowing that God will catch me as I fall.


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