A Lighter Burden

“I have decided to stick with love, for hate is too

heavy a burden to bear.” Martin Luther King

Let us sow our seeds

in the peaceful

rectitude of God

for His wisdom is pure.

Let us be born of God.

Let us go into the House of God

and hold fast to His Grace.

Whomever is born of God

overcomes hardships.


Be the light of life,

glory God in heaven,

bring an end to suffering,

raise those who mourn,

bring them into God’s true light.


Be gentle and merciful,

become pure in heart,

see God in all His glory,

raise all you meet

from their troubles


God is Life;

God is Love;

God is freedom.

God will be my life;

God will be my love;

God will bring me freedom

to conquer sin within


Blessed will be those

who follow in His light.

Blessed will be those

who sow their seeds in peace,

for God is pleased

when man holds fast to His Grace.

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