The Path I Walk is the Light of God

The Path I Walk is the Light of God

God has given humanity the spirit of free will, eyes to see what it wants to see, and ears that hear but do not listen. In all of the Abrahamic religions, man is taught to accept the stranger at the door, to feed the hungry, and to give clothes to the poor.

In the book of Samuel, we are taught to count all the money given to the church, be it alms, or tithing. Then we are to take the money and distribute it to those who work; but we have not done that. The money we receive is all to often given for bigger churches, gold and silver chalices, plush meeting halls, and in some cases our own pockets. The more we ignore the poor, the less we love ourselves.

This is not what God intended. We are caretakers of our brothers; amassing great wealth in or out of the church is not what God wants of us. He wants us to be tending to those in need. From Psalms I read that God’s word is a lamp unto my feet; God lights my way; I am to walk in the path of God’s light. I have taken God’s word as my legacy; I, therefore, cannot overlook my brother begging on the corner for a few dollars to feed his family. If I were richer, I would give more. I shame myself, when I cannot give the poor all I own.

God has given me great gifts over my life; I must share these gifts with others. I want to understand, not just see; I want to listen, not just hear; I want to love, not just to accommodate. This is the light of God that I want to always walk in.

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