Trust and Goodness

Trust and Goodness

As I type these words into my thoughts for the day, I often type goddness, not goodness. I then return to correct my misspelling. But as I look at this error today, the words godness and goodness are interchangeable. When we offer goodness to others, we are in fact choosing to offer God to others. When we trust in God, in everything we do, we are doing good. And when we do good things for others, we are in fact fulfilling the desires of God.

When our abiding hearts trust God, our actions cannot be other than offer goodness. We trust God to be with us always; we show this by doing good. I believe that goodness comes from our hearts; this is so because God dwelling within us fills our hearts with love and compassion, patience and understanding.

Dear Creator of all, give me the strength to always speak with the wisdom you offer me, act in the Love that fills my heart, and above all, Dear God, please give me the courage to always fulfill your message as I live my daily life, meeting others who are also your children.


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