Living in the Light

Living in the Light

There are many words in the Bible that can be confusing, being misinterpreted by others who have an agenda other than the word of God. I read from Isaiah that when God calls my name, my only response is, “Here I am, Father.” My life is one that rests in God’s hands; I await His presence patiently, so that I can be fulfilled by His faithfulness. His light leads me through the darkness of my mortal life.

When Ruth is told to glean only in Boaz’s field, this does not mean that I cannot pray with people whose religion is different from mine. What I think it means is that we can pray with all those who are true to God, regardless of the name by which He is called. What I cannot do is turn my back on God and reject His presence in my life, by being with those who denounce His presence. I must walk in His light with all who praise His presence in their lives.

For example, those people who misuse their wealth, hoarding everything so that those who are not wealthy suffer in this life, are not true followers of Jesus. When Jesus told a young man to sell everything and follow me, I cannot take this literally. It is very impractical to join the ranks of the destitute and the poor; there is no such thing as Holy Poverty. What Jesus means is that we must use our riches to lift the poor from their hovels, allowing them to reap all of the benefits of God’s bountiful fields.

Every day, I try to treat and respect others for who they are, rich or poor, healthy or sick, lost or on the right path. All are God’s children, and therefore, all are worthy of my prayers. My words I speak with everyone I meet and every prayer I say are heard by God; I want God to be pleased by what I say. After all, when my light shines, it reflects on the goodness and Glory of God.

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