Wisdom: 1

An exhortation to seek God sincerely, who cannot be deceived, and desireth not our death.

The book Wisdom in the Apocrypha gives us many connection to God. For some reason, the religious leaders who put together the first Christian Bible in the last half of the first century CE neglected to place these important books in our Christian Bibles. As the apostle Paul the writer of Ephesians says, we must put on our feet (bring into our hearts) whatever makes us ready to accept God in our lives.

True wisdom does not enter a mind filled with hatred and bias. By loving justice, we are filling our lives with the goodness of God. God’s wisdom that He gives us through Grace is benevolent. He listens for our words and deeds of kindness and love toward each other. The love we receive from God and pass to others fills the world with peace and wisdom that only He can give and only we can share.

We cannot be jealous of others, even in our own thoughts and personal habits, for God hears everything we think. We cannot hide anything from God, after all, He is within us always. Our negative thoughts do not help our own existence, much less that of others. God created life for all living creatures and what they may be for the benefit of all.

God’s love and the love we pass to others lives throughout eternity. Nothing can change this, except God. And, he will not stop anything that passes His love to others. In our personal covenants with God, remember to share what He so gracefully gives us. Wealth that is not shared benefits no-one.




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