The Hour is Now

True worshipers worship God, by whatever name they call Him. God wants to praise us, give us His grace, and give us the lighted path to walk. I am reminded of the story of the blind beggar in Jericho, who recognized that Jesus was near and begged that Jesus restore his sight. Jesus’s response was simple: “your faith has made you well.” As with this beggar, we also pray that God hears us; our response to prayers is “Lord, hear our prayers.” We want God to hear us, not hiding from us. We know he is with on the shining light path, but we fear that he abandons us during times of trial. We want him to hear us pleading.

God is merciful; He breathes life into us each morning as we rise. He allows us to walk in His loving light. When we walk in His light, we are walking in the way of peace and love. We should not want it any other way. We hide our anger to allow our love to shine through; this way we share God’s lighted path. When we walk in God’s light, we are walking with humility, love, and faith; we are safe; no one can harm us.  

Walk with gladness and joy in your heart, watch sorrow and hardships fall away before you.



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